Police investigate deadly explosion in Ningbo, China

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Ningbo has a history of over years. The excavation of Hemudu Site proved that Ningbo is one of the first places in the world of rice cultivation. In Tang Dynasty, Ningbo was named Mingzhou. The origin of the name Ningbo dates back to , when the name Ningbo peaceful waves derived from Dinghai peaceful sea.

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AP In a separate report, China Central Televisiondid not refer to a factory, but said the force of the explosion shattered windows and punched holes in the walls of buildings as much as a kilometre away. CCTV images showed a few flattened cars and a low-rise building with a collapsed wall. The state broadcaster said it was not a gas explosion, without elaborating further. According to Zhejiang Daily, several buildings collapsed in a nearby residential area that had already been cleared of people.

Police told Reuters the area had been marked for demolition. Rescue work and investigation into the cause were underway, police said in a statement issued on its verified Weibo account.

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July 24, iStock For the last couple years, Jill Harness has been rounding up the world’s most beautiful libraries by continent. Here they are all in one place, in no particular order. The library is also home to the famous Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript created by Celtic monks around the year The front exterior was designed in Tudor Revival and Modern Movement styles in order to allow it to harmonize with the next-door Abbey Gatehouse.

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Print Email China’s internet watchdog has ordered the closure of dating websites as part of a months-long campaign targeting fraud and pornography on match-making sites. In a statement on its website, the Cyberspace Administration of China CAC said the websites were shut down due to “a lack of registration records, intentionally leaking user information, and spreading pornography and vulgar content”. According to Xinhua, some sites also “allowed registered users to publish pornographic novels”.

Last year , more than 20 women were arrested in Henan province for writing online erotic fiction, state media reported. The move comes after 65 dating sites were shuttered in February as part of the same campaign. While fake profiles and prostitutes masquerading as matches are common on most dating sites, Chinese services long been plagued by scammers and fraudsters.

A study published this month by University College London and Jiayuan.

62 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

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Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Let’s try your email address again! Here they are all in one place, in no particular order. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, with two story dark wooden arches, this is also the largest library in all of Ireland. The library is also home to the famous Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript created by Celtic monks around the year This library, completed in , is fascinating for its unique combination of architectural styles.

The front exterior was designed in Tudor Revival and Modern Movement styles in order to allow it to harmonize with the next-door Abbey Gatehouse. It was built on a slope, and the front of the building is only three stories tall, but thanks to the two basement levels built into the hill, the back of the building has five stories. Inside, the design is mostly Classical, featuring ample arches, marble flooring and a stunning turquoise glass mosaic at the entrance hall. The Codrington Library of Oxford University was completed in and has been used by scholars ever since.

In the late s, the building underwent a massive renovation in order to provide better protection for the books and to make the library more user friendly with better wiring and some new electronic work stations. The National Library of France has expanded greatly since new buildings were added to house the collection in Even so, the old buildings on the Rue de Richelieu are still in use, and are utterly gorgeous as well. These buildings were completed in , and by the library was the largest book repository in the world, although that record has since been taken from it.

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The abbreviation Ning is used more commonly for Nanjing. Only Moon Lake remains. Ningbo was known as a trade city on the silk road at least two thousand years ago, and then as a major port, along with Yangzhou and Guangzhou in the Tang Dynasty ; thereafter, the major ports for foreign trade in the Song Dynasty. A rock garden inside Tianyi Chamber Since the Tang dynasty Ningbo has been an important commercial port.

Arab traders lived in Ningbo during the Song dynasty when it was known as Mingzhou, as the ocean-going trade passages took precedence over land trade during this time. It was a well known center of ocean-going commerce with the foreign world. They did not try to proselytize Islam to Chinese. This is the usual spelling used e. By , the Portuguese had a sizable community in Ningbo or, more likely, on nearby small islands like Shuangyu. Portuguese activities from their Ningbo base included pillaging and attacking multiple Chinese port cities around Ningbo for plunder and spoil.

They also enslaved people during their raids. Qing dynasty[ edit ] Ningbo was one of the five Chinese treaty ports opened by the Treaty of Nanjing signed in at the end of the First Opium War between Britain and China.

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For the past five years I call this city my home. Ningbo is not only developed modern city and a business center, but also one of the oldest cities in China with a rich cultural heritage. If you hope to find a nice beach in Ningbo, I am afraid you will be dissapointed. Before I came to Ningbo I thought there should be a nice beach, because it is a coastal city. If you are travelling from Shanghai or Hangzhou to Ningbo, then high-speed rail is probably the best and most comfortable way to get here.

High-speed train from Shanghai to Ningbo takes around

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Many of the stories told were forbidden after the Chinese Revolution. I recorded a short version sung by my father-in-law, and translated on the spot by my mother-in-law. The Cultural Revolution — halted almost all forms of entertainment, and the Ningbo Musician was almost lost. In order to better understand the joke, more historical background needs to be discussed. In China, there are many spoken dialects versions of Mandarin. In the north, most dialects are similar and understandable by the people that live in the region.

In the south, dialects tend to be extremely local, where people from neighboring villages may not be able to communicate verbally. However, written characters are the same, so text is understood. This is the result of the character system, where thousands of years ago, as the Chinese language spread, every town would gradually pronounce characters different ways. This could be compared to the divergence of English between the United Kingdom and the United States, except on a much grander scale.

Ningbo is a port city south, just across Hangzhou bay, from Shanghai. Ningbo has a history dating back to BC and has been a major city for over years.

62 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

This article explores some options for visitors wanting to see some of the stunning attractions that the city has to offer. They were all constructed in tranquil surroundings to worship Guan Yin. In addition to these temples, there is a large Institute of Buddhism, one of the largest Buddhist academic institutes in China.

For the last couple years, Jill Harness has been rounding up the world’s most beautiful libraries by continent. Here they are all in one place, in no particular order.

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